Lombok or Bali. Where should your yoga retreat be?

Bali and Lombok are both top choices for yoga retreats and island getaways, so how do you determine which destination suits you better?

In Indonesia, Bali is the well-known sister island of Lombok’s that welcomes millions of tourists a year. But when it comes to selecting the destination for a yoga retreat, Lombok’s idyllic coastline, lush greenery and natural ‘attractions’ may just give discerning travellers the untouched conditions that they crave for in getaways.

Lombok and Bali share the same monsoonal climate (October to April), so there is no better time to visit one island over the other. Unless shopping, museum visits, café- and club-hopping are part of your itinerary – in which case Bali would be the better fit – Lombok’s myriad of beaches, coves, harbours, waterfalls and the still-active Mount Rinjani volcano, are best explored outside of the rainy season.

Traffic jams are a common occurrence in Bali, as compared to the welcoming space and fewer number of tourists that Lombok enjoy. Lombok is also strategically located in a much-coveted island constellation that includes the three Gili Islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

Visitors looking for a private and luxurious stay to practise yoga in Lombok with all the modern comforts and amenities of city life can look to Malimbu Cliff Villa. Located on the clifftop of Malimbu, the private villa’s verdant surrounds against the backdrop of Mount Agung and the panoramic view of the Indian Ocean make it the perfect spot for being in the moment with your yoga practice and developing your inner awareness.

Malimbu Cliff Villa Poolside

The private villa in Lombok features five stylish, contemporary and ultra-chic guest rooms and suites, an 18-metre infinity pool, and a brand new entertainment deck for an intimate yoga practice. Should your group require guidance, our professionally trained in-house yoga teacher can design a session according to your needs and capabilities, and for all levels of yoga practice.

Malimbu Cliff Villa’s holistic approach to yoga retreats not only extends to the wonderful environment and the physical practice. The talented staff understands that mindful eating plays an integral part of the retreat. Menus can be customized to meet your dietary requirements, while a private chef can be arranged to ensure all your meals taste just as good as it is healthy, authentic and sustainable.

Breakfast at Malimbu Cliff Villa Lombok

To complete the private luxury villa experience, a private butler is available to manage all your housekeeping necessities, while several in-house spa treatments will surely restore the peace and harmony of your mind, body and spirit. Other personalized amenities and services can also be arranged as part of your yoga retreat experience prior to arrival.

One of the greatest advantages of staying at Malimbu Cliff Villa Lombok is the dedicated staff who are professionally trained to offer exceptional Indonesian hospitality. Adding to the staff’s training repertoire is the heightened safety, hygiene and cleaning measures according to Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy guidelines. Details of the private luxury villa’s enhanced cleaning initiatives here: https://malimbucliffvilla.com/luxury-lombok-private-villa/enhanced-cleaning-protocol-to-protect-your-health-safety/.