The Future of Travel

The Future of Travel

Exclusive. Private. Luxury.

The Future of Travel

Malimbu Cliff Villa Lombok

The Future of Travel

The travel and tourism industries have been adversely impacted by the unprecedented nature of COVID-19 pandemic since Jan 2020. While countries are slowly reopening up their borders to welcome local & international travellers again, the pandemic has certainly made us extra cautious when planning our next holiday.

Group Getaway at Malimbu Cliff Villa

The only way to travel going forward…

At a moment of heightened concerns about COVID-19, many of us are more than likely to be drawn to activities and experiences that involve less exposure to crowds, more control of your surroundings and more assurances of cleanliness. 

Exclusive, Luxury & Private holiday in Lombok 

Malimbu Cliff Villa is a luxury clifftop villa, an undeniably exquisite & privately owned property exists as its own secluded enclave in Lombok – known as a “resort within the resort” where guests can hide away from the crowd to enjoy 100% privacy with personalised 5-star services and amenities. (Special Lombok stay rate available)

Malimbu Cliff Villa Masterroom

It’s the little details that matter… 

In light of Covid19, the team at Malimbu Cliff Villa has developed a new cleaning protocol to ensure we are prepared for your future stay with us.

The Enhanced Cleaning Initiatives includes: 

  • Use of personal protective equipments such as masks and disposable gloves for all staff during duty;
  • Hand sanitising is required and provided before entering the villa; 
  • All staff and guests will receive temperature test before entering the villa; 
  • All staff and guests are required to wash their hands at least 20 seconds with soap and water before and after duty;
  • All doors and windows will be opened after guests check-out to increase air circulation in the space before cleaning or sanitising;
  • Use of disinfectants and sanitisers solutions that are approved by regulatory authorities; 
  • Clean and remove any contaminants, dusts or debris from a surface; 
  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces such as door knobs, table surfaces, hard dining chairs, kitchen counters, bathroom counters, faucets and faucet knobs, toilets (seat and handle), light switches, remote controls etc;
  • Clean and disinfect all hard surfaces and let it air-dry; 
  • Clean and disinfect all soft surfaces based on the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • Wash all linens at the highest heat setting and no shaking dirty linens to avoid the spread of germs;
  • Wash all dishes including unused ones in the cabinet to ensure hygienic standards and avoid cross-contamination;
  • 24-hour booking gap after cleaning to address the possibility of particles that may remain airborne for a few hours; 
  • Cleaning supplies are available at the villa for guests who want the ability to clean on their own during the stay.

We will continue to develop and enhance our cleaning initiatives based on customer feedback, in line with governmental guidance, all to keep our guests and communities protected.

Malimbu Cliff Villa Living Area

A simple smile of HOPE. A simple touch of SUPPORT.

One of the greatest advantages of staying at Malimbu Cliff Villa Lombok is the personalised service provided by our dedicated & friendly staff. Private chef, private butler, in-house massage therapist, personal yoga instructor, private catering team…are all available on request during your stay. The team has been professionally trained to offer exceptional 5 star hospitality and will be more than happy to discuss any specific requirements to ensure you have a relaxed and enjoyable stay with us. 

Our luxury Lombok villa is architecturally designed over three levels to ensure every room makes the most of the stunning ocean views. It features five stylish, contemporary and ultra-chic guest rooms & suites, an 18-metre infinity pool, a brand new entertainment deck overlooking the ocean and a stunning backdrop of Bali’s Mt Agung, as well as easy access to your private beach in Malimbu known for its tranquility. It is the perfect place to escape with the family or a group of friends.